Scott-Wilson extended family

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The first section has photos with people whose identification is missing or needs to be confirmed. The first four are mine, the rest came from Christine. The second section is just random photos I took in the 1970s and 80s in no particular order. I'm nowhere near finished digging through countless boxes of snapshots, negatives, and slides but I should have a better selection later.

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Images with IDs needed

deutsches1978a deutsches1978b deutsches1978c willienetters1979 granpa1924 granpa1943 unclearthur uncleharryauntlily bobphyllis christinesharonphyllislori uncleharrydavid1980 mamawilson alexanderbergen auntloujimmy judycarrington1947 unclearthuruncleharry uncleharrykennyetc anniversaryparty1952 wilsonfamily1918

Other images

103rdstreet01 103rdstreet02 118thstreetmay1980 amygranpa1981 christine1976 christine1978 christineexpectingdavid christinehenrywedding consuelo1975 dacruzesdeutsches1984 family1984 girlsnightout granma1975 granma1977 granma2000 granmagrandchildren1984 granmaniagarafalls granpa1975 granpaparis granpapeter1977 granpapeter1978 granpapeterdavid1982 granpapetergranma1980 lori1970 lori1976 lorijudy1976 lorijudygranma1972 mamalori mamalori1970 mamalori1976 mamalori1979 mamalorifloyd1970a mamiepeter1977 peterchristine1978 petergranpa1978 petereasterbunny1978 petergranpa1984 scottieconsuelo1975 sharonpeter1979 uncleharry1978 uncleharry1978b

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