The Scotts: 1972 photos

Contact sheet In 1972 I bought my first 35mm single-lens reflex camera, a Canon F1, and took bazillions of pictures with it, but instead of printing them as snapshots (which would have cost a fortune) I printed them on contact sheets like the one at left. I carefully saved all the negatives, keyed to each of about 50 contact sheets. I've been looking for them for months with no success, so finally I decided to just scan from the contact sheets, where each image is only about 11½inch. The results aren't bad! The first group, "Photos of photos" are pictures I took of baby pictures of Judy and Christine. The rest are just regular photos.
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Pictures of pictures

judy1948 judychristine1950 judychristine1953

Photos 1972

In no special order...
andremelorijudy1972 christine23bday christineairport1972 christinegranma1972 christinegranmalorigranpa1972 granma1972 granmabread1972 granmajudymamalori1972 granmamamalorijudy1972 granmaxmas1972 granpa1972b granpakitty1972 granpalaughing1972a2 granpalaughing1972b2 granpalaughing1972c2 granpasleeping1972a granpasleeping1972c judy1972 judy1972b judy1972c judyinchair judyinchair2 judylorichristine judymarthasvinyard judymarthasvinyard2 judyriverside1972 lori1972 lorifloyd1972 mamalori1972 mamalori1972b mamalorifloyd1972a mamalorifloyd1972b mamalorifloyd1972c mamalorixmas1972 phyllis1972 phyllismamalori1972 phyllismamaloriauntlou1972 christinesharon1972 sharon1972

Friends 1972

annette1972 sharonrobinson sharonrobinsonatmamaloris

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