Grafenwöhr 1960

Fatal artillery accident at Grafenwöhr, Germany, 2 September 1960. Read about the accident HERE; for more information, search Google.

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In April 2008 I received the following email from Farley Fox:

I wish to thank you very much for posting the pictures of Frankfurt High School, and the other pictures of Germany from that era. My Dad was stationed there from 1960 to 1963. We lived in the Edwards Housing Area. Dad was stationed at Drake Edwards Kaserne, and I attended Atturberry (sp?) elememtary School. Did another tour from 1966 to 1969 when I went to Frankfurt High School. They were the best years of my life. Also found the bitterswet epitaph singularly appropos. The very landscape of our lives IS gone forever, no do-overs. I know, I went back to Aschaffenburg (where we did our second tour) in 2001. Although Germany has a certain timeless quality to it. Indeed all things must pass.

Going over your web site I saw your picture of you in the Army in 1960 in Germany. You had mentioned the horrific artillery accident at Grafenwoehr in September of that year. I got to looking through some old photos that my Dad had taken over there and lo and behold there are pictures there of the memorial service held in the field for the sixteen fallen solders who were victims of that accident.

The pictures were taken by my father, SSG Lowell Fox, in case anyone might remember him. He was in the 3rd Armored Division stationed at Drake Edwards Kaserne in Frankfurt. Although I don't remember the exact unit. You can mention that his son Farley (that's me) happily scanned and donated them, if you like.

Thanks Farley, and sorry for the delay in getting these onto the site.

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