Chesterbrook VA 1950s - Photo #16

Bray's Esso Little League Team View from the bridge over Old Dominion Drive: the Methodist church for White people (which is still there, but with a more diverse congregation) and to the far right, the “new” Chesterbrook Market, which was actually an old-fashioned market with a counter where you had to ask for what you wanted. Or you could call in and have your week's groceries delivered in a rickety pickup truck by a guy named Frank who was missing some fingers. Sometimes local farmers or hunters would bring in animal carcasses to be butchered and sold. To the left, turn-of-the-century houses; the one after the one in the picture belonged to the elderly Sheriff, Carl McIntosh (Chief of Police of Fairfax County). I remember going there sometimes to help his wife, Jessie (Russell Hill's sister), shuck corn and break beans on the back porch. The Sheriff would reward us by setting off fireworks he'd confiscated. In the distance, wilderness. To the right, but not visible in the photo, Frank Bray's Esso station, the only other business in the area, which sponsored one of the Little League teams when when the league was started in 1956 (see a game).