Interviews and Speeches

Professor Neumeyer speech at the ceremony in which I was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at Universidad Di Tella, August 30, 2012 (in Spanish)

A Master of Theory and Practice, interviewed by James L. Rowe (published in Finance and Development 44(1), 2007).

Interview with Aaron Steelman from the Richmond Fed (published in Region Focus, Summer 2006).

Toward an Economic Theory of Reality: An Interview with Guillermo Calvo, interviewed by Enrique Mendoza (published in Macroeconomic Dynamics 9, 2005 123-145).

Política Económica en Aguas Borrascosas, speech delivered when I received the VIII King Juan Carlos Prize in Economics.

A Prophet of Financial Doom Who Was Right, an article by Sylvia Nasar (published in The New York Times on Sunday, January 22, 1995).