Please read my call for the formation of a Netizens Association, and info page for a Netizens Association Mailing list.

Look for some photos of my trips to Japan and France in 1995 on my Travel Page.

I received an MA studying the impact of computers on human communication at Teachers College graduate school of Education, and have continued in the M.Ed. program there. I graduated with a BA in computer science from Columbia College of Columbia University in the city of New York. During my senior year, I pursued a year long independent study / senior thesis. The resulting papers are available via HTTP and FTP.
I like to think of you as a Netizen.

I enjoy helping people use technology and have had over 10 years experience providing user services in computing environments. I just recently started working for the New York Public Library on their internal computing helpdesk. Prior to the NYPL, I was working at Ziff Davis Publishing in NYC providing computer technical support, but due to a "corporate restructuring" I was part of the 10% of the company looking for work. Last thing I heard is that Softbank, a Japanese e-commerce firm, was looking to sell its major holdings of Ziff. Prior to this first experience in corporate America, I worked for Columbia University's Academic Information Systems (AcIS) as a postmaster for a year. As an undergraduate (and again as a graduate student) I worked part-time as a student lab consultant or University Instructor (UI).

I love listening to music, and had a trance and ambient radio show at Barnard College's radio station WBAR. I am a bonifide techno head, and you'll find me on logged on v-rave under the handle sentinel too much and am fairly active on the nyc-raves mailing list describing my take of the nyc underground nightlife. Talk to me on ICQ at 7203512. Lastly, I am an editor of the Amateur Computerist Newsletter. Misc new link about me ;).
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