I am the great-grandson of Edward Wilmot Blyden and was the first of my generation of Blydens to be born in Ibo, South Eastern Nigeria. According to EWB's writings, my ancestors were brought to the America's as captives from Ibo. My name, Eluemuno-Chukuemeka roughly means "I have returned to the land of my ancestors, thanks be to God" and celebrates the end of one long journey.

I graduated from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. with a degree in Biological Sciences then did a Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Genetics at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. After 5 years in genetic engineering research, working at the University of London, UK and at the Free University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, I founded Khepera, a business development consultancy whose aims are to make new technological opportunities available for everyone. Khepera is currently working on application of Russian satellites for developing communications networks in Africa. We are also developing medical software suitable for low cost telemedicine and educational applications. . My main areas of interest are African history and culture, the genetic code, new/alternative technology, information technology, biotechnology, computing and business development. You can reach me by email at: Eluemuno-Chukuemeka R. Blyden

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