Edward Wilmot Blyden and Africanism in America

Edward Wilmot Blyden, LLD. (1832-1912)

The following essay is based on a poster presentation given at the 1992 Pan African Congress of North America held in Savannah, Georgia, USA. It is a brief introduction to Blyden's Africanist ideas and his vision of the role of African Americans in the future of Africa. Much of what he said in sermons and lectures as he travelled around the United States were to be echoed by the great African leaders of this century. It is a tribute to the remarkable vision of this man that his ideas remain urgent and inspiring so long after his death. Indeed, they have never been so relevant as today, when the African diaspora is faced with the real threat of the extinction of Africa. At the same time, the spiritual and material opportunities for re-constructing the Pan-African unity that he envisioned are more accessible to us than ever before. This document and its method of publication should be seen as one such opportunity seized.

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Evolution of an Africanist Perspective

Spreading Pan-African Ideals in America

Blyden's Legacy to Pan-Africanism

Biographical Outline

Selected Bibliography

"The Elements of Permanent Influence"  (Full text of 1890 sermon)

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