Many sections of the currently posted version of Japanese Bibliography are out of date, since it has been impossible to keep up with revisions of the text since the summer of 1995. In particular, the digital resources that have grown by leaps and bounds in the intervening years are covered only sporadically.

    Selective revisions have been made as recently as 2003, however, and much of Chs. 8 (Japanese-language periodicals), 13 (Places), 15-A (Religion), and 17-A (Art history) have been rewritten, while new chapters have been added on Philosophy (15-B) and Theater (17-B). 

    For additional and more recent materials, with an emphasis on Web resources,
see the SPECIAL PROJECTS created by the members of Bib 2000, Bib 2002, and Bib 2003.


Last updated September 2005