Date Location Speaker Affiliation Title
October 8 2020, 3-4 Zoom Stavros Lomvardas Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Columbia University Genomic mechanisms for transcriptional singularity and spatially skewed randomness
November 12 2020, 3-4 Zoom Harmen Bussemaker Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University Probing Molecular Recognition with Deep Sequencing and Biophysical Machine Learning
December 10 2020, 3-4 Zoom Yana Bromberg Department of Microbiology and Biochemistry and Department of Genetics, Rutgers University Predicting the effects of “invisible” variants
January 14 2021, 3-4 Zoom Ali Gharavi Department of Medicine, Columbia University Implementing Genomics into Clinical Care: Prospects and Challenges
February 11 2021, 3-4 Zoom Xihong Lin Department of Biostatistics and Statistics, Harvard University Analysis of Large-Scale Biobanks and Whole Genome Sequencing Studies
March 11 2021, 3-4 Zoom Molly Przeworski Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University postponed
April 8 2021, 3-4 Zoom Peter Sims Department of Systems Biology, Columbia University Single Cell Analysis of Differentiation and Drug Response in Human Brain Tumors
May 13 2021, 3-4 Zoom Andrea Baccarelli Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University Epigenomics and Public Health - New Findings and Future Directions
June 10 2021, 3-4 Zoom Hongzhe Li Department of Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania A Unified Approach to Robust Inference for Genetic Covariance