Andrea Baccarelli (Department of Environmental Health Sciences)

DNA methylation, small RNAs, molecular epidemiology, environmental epidemiology

Andres Bendesky (Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology)

Behavioral genetics and genomics, population genetics, quantitative genetics, neuroscience

Harmen Bussemaker (Department of Biological Sciences)

Gene expression regulation, transcription factors, SELEX-seq, biophysical models of protein-DNA interaction, computational inference

Ken Cheung (Department of Biostatistics)

Mobile health, behavior signatures, platform clinical trials, N-of-1 trials

Angela Christiano (Departments of Dermatology, and Genetics and Development)

Wendy Chung (Departments of Pediatrics and Medicine)

Autism, congenital anomalies/birth defects, pulmonary hypertension, cardiomyopathy, obesity, rare genetic diseases

Christine Garcia (Department of Medicine)

Genetics, pulmonary fibrosis, lung disease, telomere-related disorders

Jellert Gaublomme (Department of Biological Sciences)

Spatial transcriptomics, single-cell genomics and molecular interactions

Ali Gharavi (Department of Medicine)

Genetics of kidney failure, IgA nephropathy, congenital kidney defects, precision medicine, genetics of constitutional disorders

Joseph Gogos (Department of Neuroscience)

Schizophrenia, genetics, animal models, stem cell models

David Goldstein (Institute for Genomic Medicine)

Human genetics, precision medicine, neurogenetics

Jianhua Hu (Department of Biostatistics)

Iuliana Ionita-Laza (Department of Biostatistics), Program Coordinator

Statistical genomics, machine learning, sequence-based association tests, functional genomics, electronic health records

Marko Jovanovic (Department of Biological Sciences)

Translational control, proteomics, ribosome profiling, molecular interactions

Krzysztof Kiryluk (Department of Medicine)

Human genetics and genomics, complex traits, precision medicine, kidney disease

Tuuli Lappalainen (Department of Systems Biology)

Regulatory variants, functional variation, molecular phenotypes

Suzanne Leal (Department of Neurology)

Statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, method development, and complex and Mendelian traits

Shaw-Hwa Lo (Department of Statistics)

Classification, prediction, bioinformatics, influential variables and model selection, I-Score inference

Stavros Lomvardas (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics)

in situ HiC, single cell HiC, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq sc-RNAseq, 3D Nuclear architecture, heterochromatin, monoallelic gene expression

Sander Markx (Department of Psychiatry)

Whole-genome sequencing, deep phenotying, hiPSC-derived neuronal models of psychiatric disorders, precision psychiatry

Richard Mayeux (Department of Neurology)

Genetic epidemiology of neuro-degenerative diseases, functional genomics, endophenotype development for genetic studies

Gary Miller (Department of Environmental Health Sciences )

Exposome, high resolution mass spectrometry, toxicology, neurodegeneration, C. elegans

Ruth Ottman (Department of Epidemiology)

Genetic epidemiology, Neurologic disorders, ELSI

Lynn Pethukova (Department of Dermatology)

Genetic epidemiology, GWAS, internet survey research, electronic biorepositories, dermatology

Itsik Pe'er (Department of Computer Science)

Statistical genetics, microbiome, temporal models, machine learning

Molly Przeworski (Department of Biological Sciences)

Population genetics, human genetics, mutation, recombination

Raul Rabadan (Department of Systems Biology)

Genomics, cancer genomics, mathematical biology

Muredach Reilly (Department of Medicine)

Genomics of complex cardiovascular traits, single cell genomics in cardiovascular disease, functional genomics in IPSC and mouse models of cardiovascular loci

Simone Sanna-Cherchi (Department of Medicine)

Developmental genetics, structural variants and copy number variations, genetics of nephrotic syndrome, rare variants association

Guy Sella (Department of Biological Sciences)

Population genetics, quantitative genetics, evolutionary genetics, complex traits, natural selection, adaptation

Yufeng Shen (Department of Systems Biology)

Rare variants, developmental disorders, computational genetics, statistical genetics

Peter Sims (Department of Systems Biology)

Single-cell genomics, cancer systems biology, neurological disorders, human immunology

Nick Tattonetti (Department of Biomedical Informatics)

Translational bioinformatics, biomedical data science, data mining and hypothesis generation

Simon Tavare (Department of Statistics and Biological Sciences)

Mary Beth Terry (Department of Epidemiology)

Maria Antonietta Tosches (Department of Biological Sciences)

Single-cell RNAseq, cell types, neuroscience

Badri Vardarajan (Department of Neurology)

Whole genome and whole exome sequencing analysis, multi-omics integration, Alzheimer’s Disease genomics, region/gene based association methods

Gao Wang (Department of Neurology)

Shuang Wang (Department of Biostatistics)

Ying Wei (Department of Biostatistics)

Quantile regression, semiparametric methods, statistical learning, missing data and measurement errors

Chunhua Weng (Department of Biomedical Informatics)

Phenotype-driven genetic diagnosis, electronic health records, phenotyping

Chris Wiggins (Department of Applied Mathematics)

Computational biology, network data analysis, bandit problems, variational inference, statistics

Bin Xu (Department of Psychiatry)

Neuropsychiatric disorders, functional annotation of genetic mutations, iPSC based disease modeling

Chaolin Zhang (Department of Systems Biology)

RNA regulatory networks, neuronal RNA-binding proteins, alternative splicing

Tian Zheng (Department of Statistics)

Predictive modeling, machine learning, applied statistics