Date Location Speaker Affiliation Title
October 13 2021, 3-4 Zoom Chiara Sabatti Departments of Biomedical Data Science and Statistics, Stanford University Genetic variants across human populations and our understanding of the genetic basis of traits
November 10 2021, 3-4 Zoom Itsik Pe'er Department of Computer Science, Columbia University Computational models for microbiome dynamics
December 8 2021, 3-4 Zoom Yufeng Shen Department of Systems Biology, Columbia University Genetics of autism and the effect of rare variants
January 12 2022, 3-4 Zoom Mingyao Li Department of Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania Applications of statistical and machine learning methods in spatial transcriptomics
February 9 2022, 10-11 Zoom Seunggeun Lee Graduate School of Data Science, Seoul National University Set-based rare variant association tests for biobank scale data
March 9 2022, 3-4 Zoom Brandon Pearson Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University Somatic environmental mutagenesis of key genes in neurodevelopmental disorders
April 13 2022, 3-4 Zoom Krzysztof Kiryluk Department of Medicine, Columbia University Genetic Architecture of Kidney Disease
May 11 2022, 3-4 Zoom Arbel Harpak Departments of Population Health and of Integrative Biology, University of Texas at Austin TBD
June 15 2022, 3-4 Zoom Chunhua Weng Department of Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University TBD