Date Location Speaker Affiliation Title
October 19 2022, 2-3 Zoom Mohammed AlQuraishi Columbia University OpenFold: Lesson learned and insights gained from rebuilding and retraining AlphaFold2
November 9 2022, 2-3 Zoom Haky Im University of Chicago How to extract biological insight from GWAS studies using genetic predictors of mediating traits
December 14 2022, 2-3 Zoom Arbel Harpak University of Texas at Austin Sex Differences In Complex Trait Genetics: Effect Size Does Matter
January 25 2023, 2-3 Zoom Bingxin Zhao University of Pennsylvania Biobank-scale imaging genetics for human health: findings and resources
February 8 2023, 2-3 Zoom Tuuli Lappalainen KTH Royal Institute of Technology and New York Genome Center Functional variation in the human genome: lessons from the transcriptome
March 8 2023, 2-3 Zoom Gao Wang Columbia University Statistical fine-mapping and integrative analysis of quantitative trait loci for multiple molecular phenotypes
April 20 2023, 11-12 Zoom Jian Ma Carnegie Mellon University Machine learning for spatial genomics
May 3 2023, 2-3 Zoom Elizabeth Purdom University of California, Berkeley Analyzing single-cell sequencing data from patient cohorts
June 15 2023, 11-12 Zoom Lin Chen University of Chicago Robust two-sample Mendelian randomization methods