MonOff is a very simple utility that allows you lets you turn off all your monitors instantanesouly. The builtin Windows power management does let you switch off your monitors after a pre-set interval but I didn't like this behavior since there are many times when I wanted for my monitors to switch off immeditely rather than some set time in the future. A quick online search didn't reveal any worthy tools to fullfil this specific purpose so I figured I write my own :).


MonOff requires the .NET framework to be installed and it works with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.


Get the Graphical version of MonOff or if you prefer download the command line version of the tool instead.

Tip : If you put the command line version in one of the folders in the System PATH such as 'C:\Windows', then you can execute it directly from the start menu by just running 'monoff.exe'


If you have any feedback on this application, please let me know my sending your comments to jervisfm at gmail dot com

MonOff Graphical Version