I started exploring the field of computer programming when I first started College and below is a listing of some of the more interesting personal side projects that I have undertaken in no particular order.

Columbia Secure Proxy

Columbia Secure Proxy is a simple tool that allows you to quickly create a SOCKS proxy server that securely tunnels traffic through Columbia's network. This is especially in securing your traffic in unsecured networks like open Wifi hotspots. A valid Columbia UNI is required to make use of the application. You can learn more and download it here


Columbia University Print

Columbia University Print, or CU print in short, is an Android app that makes it dead simple to send print jobs to printers located at Columbia University directly from the comfort of your Android Device. I wrote this app because I wanted the freedom to be able to print while on the go. You can get more details here.



MonOff is a very simple utility that allows you lets you turn off all your monitors instantanesouly. I wrote this program because I couldn't find any out there to fulfill this specific functionality. You can learn more and download it here


MS Snapshot to PDF Converter

This is a simple utility that allows you to automatically converter a group of Microsoft Access Snapshot report files to the popular Adobe PDF document format. Get a copy of it here.

Ninja Printer Installer

Ninja Printer Installer is a Windows program that will let you install virtually all of the printers that are available to students on Columbia's campus. The install process to manually connect to the CUIT printers is a little cumbersome and often at times some students may not be aware that they can printer directly to the lab printers. This tool seamlessly automates this task and you can grab a copy of it here.

East Africa Radio Android App

EastAfricaRadios is an Android App that I wrote that so that I could easily listen to radio stations in East Africa that have online internet broadcasts. Learn more and grab a copy of it from here.

Pandora Desktop Client

I am a huge lover of music and a regular user of the fantastic Pandora Music Service. Pandora Desktop Client is a desktop application I wrote in JAVA so that I could have Pandora running on my computer just like a normal application. The application is simple to use and lets you easily access all your Pandora stations directly from your desktop. You can learn more and grab a copy here.

That's me!