Kang Chen's Page

IT Specialist at Columbia Univeristy

About Me

I was born in Taiwan and came to New York after 1991. I love music and play both Piano and Violin. Eventhough that I am not professional musician, I always find myself enjoying music in all types of occasion and events. I had join Chorus for years in school. I love to sing with a group and solo.

My all time hobby is always computer games. I especially love to play strategy and management games that take control over certain entity to perform acheivement. I also like to travel to see the world to meet different culture and experience different type of arts.

I love to cook at home. There are many times that I actually make notes while I am eating outside so I can duplicate the flavor at home when I get back. I believe a great tasting food is just like enjoyment of life.

I have Years of Experience in Computer IT Field. Currently working at Columbia University Medical Center Department of Biomedical Informatics. Specialize in System Administration, Research Collaboration, Project Planning, Networking Management, and more.

I am fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin. I always love to introduce my home culture to my friends and introduce some traditioanl deserts from my hometown to friends. I love to share goodwill and hope everyone be happy and joy around me.