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Teaching Psychophysiology with the Internet

  1. Introduction

    1. Welcome. About this web page. Go directly to syllabi.

    2. The SPR Education and Training Committee

      SPR Home Page

    3. Review Workshop Agenda




  2. What is the Internet?

    1. Connections:

      Worldwide 1991 - 1997; EUnet; Single Academic Site

    2. WWW - The World Wide Web

    3. Email

    4. Newsgroups

    5. Bulletin Boards

    6. Chat Rooms




  3. Using the Internet in Teaching: Arguments Pro and Con

    Arguments Against Arguments in Favor
    Too costly in time and money Now cheaper and easier
    Increases alienation Enhances communication
    Does not improve teaching Potential to transform teaching
    Does not improve learning Potential to transform learning
    Frequent failures Good point. Minimize the damage.




  4. Using the Internet in Teaching: Benefits

    1. Access to Information

    2. Dealing with Data

    3. Base for Student Projects and Presentations

    4. Opportunities for Collaboration




  5. Specific Applications of the Web to Teaching

    A. Content knowledge/background [py269] [p805]
    [link: ex2 not working 10/16/02]

B. Course Planning [wlh] [wlhp] [pp][link: wlhp not working 10/16/02]

C. Administration

D. Live Classroom Use[thispage]

E. Extending the Classroom [bio2005]

F. Online Experiments [ex1] [ex2] [ex3] [ex4] [ex5] [links: ex2 and ex4 not working 10/16/02]




  1. Discussion: Experiences of Workshop Participants

    1. Success Stories

    2. Cautionary Tales

    3. Questions for the "Experts"

    4. Recommendations of the "Experts"




  2. Discussion: How to Get Started

    1. Identify model course sites [wlh] [wlhp] [pp]
  3. [link: wlhp not working 10/16/02]

    B. Plan your syllabus[syl]

    C. Create your first web page [ccnmtl]

    D. Developing your web page [ccnmtl]




  4. Workshop Follow-Up

    1. Next steps?

    2. Course web pages of workshop participants:

      send urls to

    3. Teaching resources recommended by workshop participants:

      send urls to

    4. Teaching resources requested by workshop participants:

      send requests to




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