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Project Credits:

The work on this website is here as a result of a workshop hosted by the Metropolis Program at the Centre de Cultura Contemporania Barcelona (CCCB).

The project was formulated by Laura Kurgan who directed the Metropolis Master Class during the week of June 14th – 18th 2010.


Angeliki Zervou

Dominique Nijssen

Agnes Stephania

Eliza Burgos

Federico Escalante

Jefferson Poole

José Luis Muñoz Muñoz

José Martins

Keren Vlodinger

Lilach Gibori

Lina Abou Reslan

Michal Doukarsky

Raphael Cohen

Rogelio Sotelo

Rotem BenShoshan

Yamile Becerra

Zélia da Costa Alves


Laura Kurgan:

Co-Director, Spatial Information Design Lab

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Columbia University


We would like to extend our thanks to Manuel Orozco who provided us with introductory data that is presented on the introductory map page. His work can be found at His 2007 report, Sending Money Home: Worldwide Remittances to Developing and Transitional Countries, can be found here:

This report provided the inspiration for this work.



International postgraduate program in architecture and urban culture