Research Papers


Published articles


1.      Wage Growth and the Theory of Turnover, Journal of Labor Economics, 2000, vol. 18, no. 2, 204-220.

2.      Globalization and the Rate of Technological Progress: What Track and Field Records Show, Journal of Political Economy, 2001, vol. 109, no. 5, 1132-1149. (Co-authored with Brendan O’Flaherty and Stephan Danninger)

3.      A Hobo Syndrome? Mobility, Wages, and Job Turnover, Labour Economics, 2004, vol. 11, 191-218. (Co-authored with Karl Sigman)

4.      Specific Training Sometimes Cuts Wages and Always Cuts Turnover, Journal of Labor Economics, 2005, vol. 23, no. 2, 213-233. (Co-authored with Brendan O’Flaherty)

5.      Expectations Matter: Job Prospects and Turnover Dynamics, Labour Economics, 2006, vol. 13, issue 5, 589-609

6.      Why Do Dancers Smoke? Time Preference, Occupational Choice, and Wage Growth, Eastern Economic Journal, 2006, vol. 32, 595-616 (Co-authored with Nachum Sicherman)

7.      The Gender Gap in Wage Returns to Labor Market Experience and Job Tenure, Labour Economics, 2008, vol. 15, issue 6, 1296-1316 (Co-authored with Tania Reif)


Working papers


1.      A Theory of Wage and Turnover Dynamics, February 2005

2.      Does Volatility Matter in Labor Markets? Theory and Evidence on Labor Mobility, August 2005 (Co-authored with Tackseung Jun)

3.      Why Do Smokers have Lower Earnings Growth? August 2005 (Co-authored with Nachum Sicherman)

4.      “Racial Disparities in Neighborhood Affluence: Implications for the Test Scores of Children,” with Rajiv Sethi and Ayako Kondo

5.      “Pay for Performance,” with R. Bojilov, P. A. Chiappori, and B. Salanie

6.      “Wage Dynamics, Bargaining, and Asymmetric Information,” with Emanuele Gerratana

7.      “Employer of Choice: Labor Markets, Firm Reputations, and Endogenous Search.”

8.      “Progression of Track and Field Records: A National Comparison,” with Tackseung Jun