Marxism and the American Indian

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James Axtell and Alice Kehoe

Thinking about the Aztecs

Bison stampedes

Blackfoot and Barbarians

Blackfoot Tribunal

John Gregory Bourke and the Apaches

Thomas Brown and the bastard Piscataways

Joseph Brant: the Mohawk who fought with the British against George Washington

Was American Indian Overhunting Responsible for the Near-Extinction of the Buffalo?

What the press is saying about Napoleon Chagnon

Chagnon's war

Thomas Brown, Ward Churchill and prison time for "research misconduct"


Cherokee Removal and Marxist Theory

Thoughts on the Covington High School/American Indian confrontation

Roland Chrisjohn's "The Circle Game"

Ward Churchill and the Maoists

Pinchhitting for Ward Churchill

The Persecution of Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill speaks

Thoughts on Ward Churchill

Swarthmore Professor gives Ward Churchill failing grade

Thomas Cole, William Cullen Bryant, and the American Indian

The political economy of Comanche horse-stealing raids

The Comanches and the Yanomamo

The Political Economy of Comanche Violence

The political economy of American Indian gaming casinos

George Comninel on stages

Busted by the sociobiologists and busting back

Latest developments in the Jared Diamond scandal

Jared Diamond's libel, part 1

Jared Diamond's libel, part 2

Jared Diamond's libel, part 3

Jared Diamond's libel, conclusion

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's "An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States"

Ecology and the Indian

Energy Tribes

Engels on stages

Exterminate all the brutes

T.R. Fehrenbach dead at 88

The Fur Trade

Genocide and intentionality

Guatemala and the Mayas

David Harvey and the American Indian


Claude Levi-Strauss

Jerry Mander

The Mandan Smallpox outbreak of 1837


Marxism and primitive communism


Miskitos and Sandinistas

In the spirit of the departed Munsees

Racism and the "overhunting" hypothesis

Steven Pinker = Hobbes + Pangloss

On John Gray's critique of Steven Pinker

Shining Path

The Tragedy of Progress: Marxism, Modernity and the Aboriginal Question

Turks and American Indians

We Shall Remain

In response to Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd

Wounded Knee

The U'wa and the FARC

Yanomami Science Wars, part one

Yanomami Science Wars, part two

Yanomami Science Wars, part three

Yanomami Science Wars, part four

Yanomami Science Wars, part five

Yanomami Science Wars, part six

Yanomami Science Wars, part seven