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OC 52/631 : 7-13-25

Handwritten letter from Elias to Heinrich Schenker, dated June 13, 1925

{recto front}

An Herrn Dr Heinrich Schenker
in Wien III
Keilgasse 8_

[postmark (twice):] || 1/1 WIEN 8 | 13.VI.2 6 | * [illeg] * ||

{recto back}
Absender: A. Elias. I Gölsdorf-[/]gasse 4.

[postmark:] || [?] WIEN 128 | [?].VI. 25 19 | * R a * ||

3/VI – 25 –

Lieber Herr Doktor!1

Bei Knepler2 wurden mir heute irrtümlich 2 Hefte vom 1. Abonnementheft (V. d. Gesammtfolge3) überreicht und tatsächlich mit 15.000K (1S 504) p. Heft berechnet. Montag soll ich die 1. Hefte der Gesammtfolge erhalten und werde dann erfahren, können ob Heft 1 und Heft 7 verschieden berechnet werden, oder bei Guttmann5 ein Irrtum vorlag.

Herzliche Grüsse Ihnen und Ihrer lieben Frau von

[ sign’d: ] Angi Elias

© In the public domain.
© Transcription Michaela Rejack 2006.

Handwritten letter from Elias to Heinrich Schenker, dated June 13, 1925

{recto front}
Letter card

To Dr. Heinrich Schenker
in Vienna III,
Keilgasse 8.

[postmark (twice):] || 1/1 WIEN 8 | 13.VI.2 6 | * [illeg] * ||

{recto back}
From: A. Elias, [Vienna] I, Gölsdorfgasse 4.

[postmark:] || [?] WIEN 128 | [?].VI. 25 19 | * R a * ||

June 13, 1925

Dear Doctor,1

Today, at Knepler’s,2 two issues of the first subscription-issue (of the entire sequence3) were mistakenly handed to me and were in fact priced at 15,000 Kroner (1.5 Sch.4) per issue. On Monday I should receive the first issues of the entire sequence and shall then find out whether issue 1 and issue 7 are priced differently or if an error was committed at Guttmann’s.5

Sincere greetings to you and your dear wife from

[ sign’d: ] Angi Elias

© Translation Michaela Rejack, 2006.

Format: printed letter card, holograph addresses recto, holograph message and signature verso
Sender address: Vienna I, Gölsdorfgasse 4
Recipient address: Vienna III, Keilgasse 8.


1 This letter is filed among S's correspondence with UE, suggesting that he used it in his accusations against UE at this time. The letter comes at the height of S's legal proceedings against UE, and his pupils served him as "spies" on UE's actions.

2 Hugo Knepler, Viennese music dealer, music publisher, and concert management agency. (Knepler (1872–) had taken over his brother Paul’s publishing business (Verlag Paul Knepler (Wallishauser Buchhandlung) Wien) in 1916; he perished in Auschwitz.)

3 The first six Hefte (issues: 1921–23) of Der Tonwille were numbered individually and released on an occasional basis, the subsequent four were released on a quarterly basis and numbered together as Jahrgang (Year) IV/1–4 (1924); “Gesamtfolge” (entire sequence) was the name used by the publisher to denote all of these releases: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, IV/1 (= 7), IV/2–3 (= 8–9), IV/4 (= 10). However, the first six issues were subsequently re-released, bound up in three Jahrgänge: I (1921 = issue 1), II (1922 = issues 2–3), and III (1923 = issues 4–6). Elias’s formulation “2 Hefte vom 1. Abonnementheft” is confusing; “Hefte” properly denote “issues” of the original sequence, but she clearly does not intend to refer to issues 1 and 2, but perhaps to Jahrgänge 1–2 of the new collective release.

4 The new Austrian Schilling, issued four months earlier, on March 1, 1925, was set equal to 10,000 Austrian Kroner.

5 Albert J. Gutmann, 1 Opera House, Vienna, publisher of Der Tonwille under the imprint of Tonwille-Flugblätterverlag.

E reports possible pricing discrepancy over the subscription-issue of Der Tonwille.

© Commentary, Footnotes, Summary Michaela Rejack 2006

Rejack, Michaela
Elias, Angelika
Cambridge University Faculty of Music-Ian Bent
Elias, Angelika; Elias, Angi; Schenker, Heinrich; Der Tonwille; subscription-issue; Gesammtfolge; entire sequence; Gutmann, Albert J.
Handwritten letter card from Elias to Schenker, dated July 13, 1925
OC 52/631
This document is deemed to be in the public domain. Any claim to intellectual rights on this document should be addressed to the Schenker Correspondence Project, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, at schenkercorrespondence@mus.cam.ac.uk.
Schenker, Heinrich (1925-1935)--Schenker, Jeanette (1935-1938)--Oster, Ernst (1938-c.1939)—New York Public Library (c.1939-)
IPR: in the public domain; Image: New York Public Library, New York; Transcription, Translation, Commentary, Footnotes, and Summary: Michaela Rejack.


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