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DLA 69.930/7 : 2-13-19

Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Halm, dated February 13, 1919

[Absender:] Dr. Heinrich Schenker
Wien, III
Reisnerstr. 38

[An:] H [/] Prof. August Halm
Esslingen a/ Neckar
Panoramastr. 11

[postmark:] || 3/ WIEN 9 | 14.II.19 –[?] | * R * ||

Sehr geehrter Herr Professor!

Vorläufig sei Ihnen nur herzlich gedankt fur Ihre letzten Sendungen.1 Ich komme auf diese wie auf die vorausgegangenen erst im Sommer zurück, da jetzt sowohl die Pflichten als auch die allgemeine Krisis einst die genügende Muße nicht aufkommen lassen!

Mit bestem Gruß
Ir sehr ergebener
[ sign’d: ] H Schenker
13. Febr. 1919

© In the public domain; published with the agreement of the heirs of August Halm 2006.
© Transcription Ian Bent, 2006.

Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Halm, dated February 13, 1919

[Sender:] Dr. Heinrich Schenker
Vienna III
Reisnerstraße 38

[To:] Professor August Halm,
Esslingen on the Neckar,
Panoramastraße 11,

[postmark:] || 3/ WIEN 9 | 14.II.19 –[?] | * R * ||

Dear Professor,

For the time being, accept only my cordial thanks for your last mailings.1 I will get back to them, as well as to the previous ones, only in the summer since obligations as well as the general crisis disallow enough free time at the moment.

With best wishes,
Yours most respectfully,
[ sign’d: ] H. Schenker

© Transcription Lee Rothfarb, 2006.

Format: printed postcard, holograph addresses recto, holograph message and signature verso
Sender address: Vienna III, Reisnerstraße 38
Recipient address: Esslingen on the Neckar, Panoramastraße 11, Germany


1 S is probably referring to compositions sent by H’s publisher—probably Chamber Music I, for string orchestra; C minor Concerto, Prelude and Fugue in C minor, another in F minor—as referred to in OJ 11/35, 10, December 14, 1918.

Acks recent mailings.

© Commentary, Footnotes, Summary Lee Rothfarb, 2006.

Rothfarb, Lee
Schenker, Heinrich
Cambridge University Faculty of Music-Ian Bent
IPR: in public domain; Transcription: Ian Bent, 2006; Translation, Commentary, Footnotes, and Summary: Lee Rothfarb, 2006.
Schenker, Heinrich; Halm, August; Sendungen; mailings; summer
Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Halm, dated February 13, 1919
DLA 69.930/7
This document is deemed to be in the public domain as of January 1, 2006. Any claim to intellectual rights should be addressed to the Schenker Correspondence Project, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, at [email protected].
August Halm (1919-19??)—Deutsches Literaturarchiv(19??-)
IPR: In the public domain, published with the kind permission of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv; Image: Deutsches Literaturarchiv; Transcription Ian Bent and Lee Rothfarb, Translation, Commentary, Footnotes, and Summary Lee Rothfarb.


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