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WSLB 80 : 9-20-11

Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Hertzka, date September 20, 1911

[Absender:] H Schenker
Reisnerstr. [/] 38

[An:] H [/] Direktor Emil Hertzka
I., Wipplingerstr. 32

[postmarks:] || WIEN [illeg] | 12 – 20.IX [illeg] | - 15 - ||

Sehr geehrter Herr Direktor!1

Ich muß annehmen, daß Sie schon hier sind, u. so erbitte ich mir denn auf meine wiederholt in den letzten Briefen an Sie ergangene Anfrage bezüglich „Bach’s” u. „Beethoven’s”2 endlich eine aufklärende Antwort bis 22ten d. M., d.i. bis übermorgen, widrigenfalls ich die Vorderhandlungen auch des vergangenen Jahres, die H. Dir. Bopp mit mir geführt hat, für gescheitert betrachte.

Mit ausgez Hochachtung
Ir ergb
[ sign’d: ] H Schenker
20. 9. 1911

© In the public domain.
© Transcription Ian Bent 2006.

Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Hertzka, date September [2]0, 1911

[From:] H. Schenker
Reisnerstraße 38

[To:] Director Emil Hertzka
[Vienna] I, Wipplingerstraße 32
Universal Edition

[postmarks:] || WIEN [illeg] | 12 – 20 [or: 30].IX [illeg] | - 15 - ||

Dear Director,1

I must assume that you are already back, and so I beg you finally for a clarificatory answer to the question that I have put to you repeatedly in my recent letters regarding Bach and Beethoven2 by the 22nd of the month, i.e., by the day after tomorrow, failing which I shall consider the preliminary dealings that Director Bopp has conducted with me during the past year to have foundered.

With kind regards,
Yours truly,
[ sign’d: ] H. Schenker
Sept [2]0, 1911

© Translation Ian Bent 2006.

Format: postcard, holograph addresses recto, holograph message and signature verso
Sender address: [Vienna III,] Reisnerstraße 38
Recipient address: [Vienna] I, Wipplingerstraße 32, Universal Edition


1 WSLB 80 and 81 have been numbered in the wrong chronological order, presumably as a result of the difficulty of reading the date and postmarks of WSLB 80.

2 Reference is to the plan, first mooted by H at a meeting with S on October 14, 1910, to publish the last five Beethoven sonatas and Part II of the Well-tempered Clavier (the latter a residue of an earlier plan dating from December 1908, which Schenker had declined) in alternate years; mentioned in OC 52/325 of the same day, and WSLB 68, October 21, 1910 (when S had discussed it direct with Bopp). Recent letters include WSLB 75, May 17, 1911; WSLB 77, June 22; WSLB 78, July 23. The plan was, however, dependent on a subvention from the Austrian Ministry of Education that was never forthcoming.

Inquires about status of Bach-Beethoven edition.

© Commentary, Footnotes, Summary Ian Bent 2006.

Bent, Ian
Schenker, Heinrich
Cambridge University Faculty of Music-Ian Bent
Schenker, Heinrich; Hertzka, Emil; UE; Bach, J. S.; Well-tempered Clavier; WTC; Beethoven; sonatas; Bopp, Wilhelm
Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Hertzka (UE), dated September 20, 1911
This document is deemed to be in the public domain as of January 1, 2006. Any claim to intellectual rights should be addressed to the Schenker Correspondence Project, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, at schenkercorrespondence@mus.cam.ac.uk.
Universal Edition Archive (1911-1976)—on permanent loan to the Stadt- und Landesbibliothek Wien (1976-)
IPR: In the public domain; Image: Universal Edition, A.G.; Transcription, Translation, Commentary, Footnotes, and Summary: Ian Bent.


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