Maria Chudnovsky

Contact Info:

Office: 308 Mudd Bldg
Phone: (212) 854-5237


Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department,
Mathematics Department ,
Columbia University.


My research interests lie in graph theory and combinatorial optimization.
Currently I am mainly interested in structural graph theory. Here is some information about perfect graphs due to Vasek Chvatal .

My work is supported by NSF Grants IIS-1117631 and DMS-1265803 .

Here is a picture of our research group this year:

I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2003.

My thesis was

Berge Trigraphs and Their Applications

My Ph.D. advisor was Paul Seymour .

Here is an article about my work in Science Magazine.

And this is an article about me in Popular Science.

In 2012 I was named a MacArthur Fellow

This is a link to my CV

This is a list of my publications

Here are some on-line available papers

This is a link to a list of problems on perfect graphs that I compiled
for the workshop on The Perfect Graph Conjecture
at the American Institute of Mathematics
And here are some pictures from that workshop.


In the Spring of 2014 I am teaching Graph Theory: Combinatorial View CSOR4010 .

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