Chinese Medals

China: Republican Period (1912 - 1927)
1911 Commemorative Victory Medal issued by the Military Governor of Shanghai

China: Nationalist Period (1928-1949)
(See the Republic of Taiwan medal website for national medals and orders, some of which could be awarded to foreigners)
1932? Chinese Medal commemorating service in the 1932 conflict with Japan in Shanghai

(Seen and photographed in the Museum of the History of the City of Shanghai)
1933 Medal of the Association to Establish Aviation in China.
The engraving on the reverse indicates this was awarded by Weng Chao-Yuan in January of 1933. General Weng, also known as General Oung in Cantonese, was one of the major heroes of the 19th Route Army's fighting in Chapei and Woosung, north of Shanghai, in the 1932 invasion by Japan. After the end of the fighting and Chiang Kai-Shek's demoralizing reassignment of the 19th Route Army to Fukien, General Weng resigned and went on a aviation fund-raising tour among the overseas Chinese in the Pacific region. I would presume this medal is associated with that tour.
1936? Table Medal commemorating the launch of the warship "Pinghai" at the Kiangnan Shipyard

(Seen in the Museum of the History of the City of Shanghai)

China: Unknown Origin
The medals illustrated below are clearly Chinese or related to China, but I have not been able to trace a source for them. Mark Chao and Victor Yeung have provided me with some translations and additional information, but I've not found any documentary proof.

The first reads "Li Tang Bu Du Ge Dre" from left to right across the top and has the character for award at the center. This is most likely related to service with some unit under the control of Li Hung Zhang, who was the only one to merit the kind of generalship meant by "Tang Bu" circa 1860 - 1890.

The second one reads Second Grade Medal on the obverse and "Da Yuan Shwai Ban Ge" on the reverse. In part this means "Grand Field Marshal". This particular rank was accorded the last two Ching emperors and all the presidents of China before Chiang Kai Shek, among others. Since most of the people with that title had higher titles, it was not commonly used by them. The two who are most likely to use this title in these circumstances are Sun Yat Sen and Chang Tso Lin. The design is similar to other medals issued by Chang Tso Lin.

A reference to the third medal has been found on Plate 189 of Kann's Illustrated Catalogue of Chinese Coins. He calls it a medal to the Chinese Labour Corps, issued in 1918. This Corps was recruited by the British during World War One to serve behind the lines in France doing logistical support work. The Chinese text can be translated as "France Transport Commemoration / 1914-1918". It is unknown if this was issued by a Chinese Organization or by the British. The French recruited similar units, but the text in English on the medal leads me to think this was for the English Corps. I would be grateful for any additional assistance in identifying them or who issued them..

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