Foreign Medals

1921 A medal commemorating the awarding of a battle flag to the Italian River Gunboat "Ermanno Carlotto". The flag was earned by being the first Italian naval vessel to go up the Yangtze to Chungking. The ceremony took place in Shanghai.
Obverse: R. Cann. Ermanno Carlotto. Reverse: Parva/Favilla/Gran Fiamma/Seconda (silver, 27mm). Also illustrated in "Le bandieri di Combattimento delle nostri Navi di Guerra", pp 558-562.
1925 Medal of the "Battaglione Marina in Cina"
This was awarded for service based in Tientsin (Tianjin). The unit served elsewhere as needed. The image is taken from the illustration in Uniformi e Armi, #47, Jan. 1995, p. 20
Illustrated in "Le bandieri di Combattimento delle nostri Navi di Guerra", pp 587-592
1926 "Cannoniera Oceanica Sebastiano Caboto"
Illustrated in "Le bandieri di Combattimento delle nostri Navi di Guerra", pp 608-611
1930's-1941 Battaglione Italiano in Cina: Shanghai
This was awarded for service in the Detachment ("Distaccamento") assigned to Shanghai. This image of one covering 1938 - 41 is taken from an illustration in Uniformi e Armi, #47, Jan. 1995, p. 22

???? Japanese memorial medal or badge commemorating the 3 Suicide Bombers of the Shanghai Incident, February 22nd, 1932
This may be related to the memorial to the "three human bombs" in the cemetery near the Kiomizu temple in Kyoto. It is in the shape of an heraldic shield. The obverse has an image of the three soldiers carrying the tube of explosives. The reverse has some text and the date of the event.
1932? Commemoration of Shanghai Incident, 7th year of Showa, Toyota Textile Mill
In Sotheby's Sale BH7023, Lot 456, March, 1997
1932? Shanghai Incident Commemoration, 7th year of Showa, Shanghai Regional Federation(?).
This seems to honor volunteer contributions to the Japanese "victory" over the Chinese 19th Route Army in the invasion of 1932. The lower part of the obverse image shows a typical Chinese straw sun hat with 19 written on it. This kind of hat can be seen in photos of the event. The issuer of this is as unclear, although it is almost certainly Japanese. The source may be a patriotic organization of Japanese residents of Shanghai. Any assistance in identifying this medal is welcomed.
1934 "Manchurian Incident" medal
This is traditionally listed as being awarded for service from 1931 to 1934 in Manchuria. Was this also awarded for Shanghai area service in 1932?
1937 "China Incident" medal.
Awarded for service throughout China from 1937 through 1945. This would include the battle for Shanghai in the late summer and fall of 1937.

United Kingdom
1902 English Third China War Medal
[1998 MYB# 158]
About 550 of these were issued and inscribed to Shanghai Volunteer Corps members for service during the Boxer Rebellion.
1949 Naval General Service medal, Bar "Yangtse, 1949"
This was awarded for service during the "Amethyst Incident" in which a British Destroyer, the HMS Amethyst, was trapped for a period in the Yangtze by Communist troops as they were on the verge of winning the Civil War.

United States
1927-1932 Yangtze Service Medal
Navy and Marine versions authorized. It was awarded for service between Sept. 3rd, 1926 through October 21st, 1927, and between March 1st, 1930 through December 31st, 1932.
1937+ China Service Medal
Navy and Marine versions authorized. It originally covered service during the 1937 Japanese invasion through 1939, but was extended to cover relevant service through the end of WWII, and was also awarded for Cold War Service along the China coast through the late 50's.
1937 Expeditionary Medal
Navy and Marine versions authorized. This is a generic medal for serving on foreign soil. Events in China which warranted the award took place from 1894 through 1937 (The "Panay Incident"), with most awarded for service in Shanghai in 1925. Non-Navy personnel caught in the attack on the USS Panay also received this award.

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