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Behavioral Data Scientist

I am a PhD fellow at Columbia University and a member of the Behavioral Science for Policy Lab at Princeton University. I work in the department of psychology and I am a data science IGERT fellow with the computer science department at Columbia. I am an affiliate scientist at the European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE). My interests are at the intersection of psychology and computer science. I work on developing computational methods for use in psychological research. I use data science methods to conduct psychological research and build data science tools. I often apply these tools to study environmental decisions and prosocial behavior.


Peer-reviewed Publications

O'Garra, T. & Sisco, M.R. (2020). The Effect of Anchors and Social Information on Behaviour. PLOS ONE. [PDF]

Sisco, M.R., & Weber, E.U. (2019). Examining charitable giving in real-world online donations. Nature Communications, 10. [PDF]

Sisco, M.R., Bosetti, V. & Weber, E.U. (2017). When do weather events generate attention to climate change? Climatic Change, 143 (1-2), 227-241. doi:10.1007/s10584-017-1984-2. [PDF]

Gong, M., Lempert, R., Parker, A., Mayer, L. A., Fischbach, J., Sisco, M.R., Mao, Z., Krantz, D.H. & Kunreuther, H. (2017). Testing the scenario hypothesis: An experimental comparison of scenarios and forecasts for decision support in a complex decision environment. Environmental Modelling & Software, 91, 135-155. [PDF]

Papers Under Review

Pianta, S. & Sisco, M.R. (2020). Is media coverage of climate change affected bychanges in temperature? A six-year analysis ofclimate change media attention across 28 European countries. Under review at Environmental Research Letters.

Emmerling, J., Navarro, P., & Sisco, M.R. (2020). Subjective well-being - empirical determinants and simulations results for the shared socioeconomic pathways. Under review at Journal of Happiness Studies.

Sisco, M.R., Pianta, S., Weber, E.U., & Bosetti, V. (2020). Global climate strikes sharply raise attention to climate change: Analysis of climate search behavior in 46 countries. Submitted to Nature Climate Change.

Sisco, M.R. & Weber, E.U. (2020). Abnormal temperatures increase climate policy support. Submitted to the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists Conference.

Working Papers

Sisco, M.R., & Weber, E.U. (2020). Evaluating computational methods to automatically detect emotions in text. In preparation.

Schneider, C.R., Sisco, M.R., Shohamy, D., & Weber, E.U. (2020). Uncovering the mechanism of the primacy effect in choice behavior: How we value choice options depends on serial position. In preparation.


Emotion detection in text cloud software

Coming soon!

Apartment Value NYC

Regression-based rental price estimates for apartments in NYC.

Mindnet Analytics

Streaming social media monitoring and analytics.


I currently have some limited availabilty for consulting projects in data science and behavioral science.

Feel free to contact me directly or find me on Upwork.
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