Nick Gupta

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Columbia University in the City of New York
Cell Phone: (917) 696-1899

Nick Gupta's Picture


Nick is a creative thinker, who is always eager to learn new technologies, tools and approaches, research new concepts, and become better at what he does. He is a team-player and likes to be constantly challenged. He has strong problem-solving, analytical, communication, and presentation skills. He wants to work at a supportive and innovative environment, where he can impact many people positively through his work. As part of the LGBT community, he also appreciates open-mindedness to diversity at workplace.

Nick recently graduated in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Columbia University in the City of New York and is looking for entry level software engineering position. He worked full-time throughout his studies at Columbia University, which shows how hard-working he is.

Technical Skills: