Navin Sridhar

PhD Astrophysics (Sept 2018 - )

NASA FINESST and AAS National Osterbrock Leadership fellow

Columbia University

1328 Pupin Hall, MC 5246
550 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027


My research spans various aspects of high energy astrophysics and multimessenger signals from binary stars. E.g., accretion around compact objects, emission mechanisms of high energy non-thermal X-rays from black hole coronae, the physics of particle heating and acceleration in astrophysical plasmas (and the emission of high-energy neutrinos from them), and the origin of coherent radio emission from sources like Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts. I study them by performing kinetic plasma simulations (PIC), hydrodynamical fluid simulations, analytical pen-and-paper modeling, and also by directly observing the astronomical sources via satellite and ground-based telescopes. I am advised by Lorenzo Sironi and Brian D. Metzger.

Check out NASA ADS/Google Scholar/arXiv for a list of publications.

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