I received my PhD in Computer Science at Columbia University, advised by Dr. Smaranda Muresan. My PhD focused on the ambiguity of visual descriptions - the choices people make when choosing how to communicate visual information, and how those descriptions are then understood. My research uses multimodal learning approaches with an emphasis on small-data solutions, focusing on unstructured natural text descriptions and fine-grained object categories.

I won an ACL 2018 Best Short Paper Award with my paper Lighter Can Still be Dark: Modeling Comparative Color Terms. A video of the presentation is available here. Many thanks to the reviewers for their feedback, and to my advisor for her feedback and wonderful support.

My candidacy exam - both presentation and references list - is available here.

My thesis, titled "Seeing Red" or "Tickled Pink"?: Investigating the Power of Language and Vision Models through Color, Emotion, and Metaphor, is available here