• CC/Lit Hum UG1101 Contemporary Civilization
  • French UG3333 Introduction to Literary Study I
  • French UG3334 Introduction to Literary Study II
  • French UG3517 Montaigne, Descartes, Pascal
  • French UG3666 Molière
  • French UG3695 The French Philosophical Tradition
  • French UG3995 Senior Seminar
  • History GU4105 Intellectual Origins of Political Economy
  • History GU4110 French America, 1534-1804
  • French GU4301 Survey of Seventeenth-Century French Literature
  • History GR8165 History of Political Economy
  • Comparative Literature GR8200 Self-Interest before Capitalism in Literature and Social Theory (team-taught with Prof. Allan Silver of Sociology)
  • French GR8417 Pascal, Hermeneutics and Rhetoric
  • French GR8418 The Invention of Classicism
  • Comparative Literature/History GR8420 The Hermeneutic Tradition
  • French/Art History GR8626 Rhetoric and the Arts in Early Modern France (team-taught with Prof. Hilary Ballon of Art History)
  • French GR8715 Intellectual Innovation in Early Modern France
  • French GR8716 Literature and Eloquence in Early Modern France

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