I have been working since the Eighties on a vast narrative project involving five journal-like texts in Italian (hence the term Pentalogia). One of them is a fairly traditional diary (which in fact I simply title Diario), while the other is a kind of commonplace book, containing quotes from several authors, work projects, dream accounts, etc. (I call this work Diario mentale). No part of them has been published so far.These two texts have novelistic elements, so that they might be called journal-like novels (“romanzi-diari”). But the central part of the Pentalogia is constituted by the remaining three texts, that are in fact daily novels (“romanzi diarii”, in the sense of “romanzi quotidiani”). Each one of them embodies a continuous, ‘infinite’ narration, and each novel has a different thematics and a different narrative voice, as follows.

L'uomo che perse una Pasqua

L’uomo che perse una Pasqua (The Man Who Lost an Easter Day) is a spiritual novel, begun in 1987 and currently running to about 10,000 handwritten sheets. A few excerpts from it have been published, and continue to appear, in the Modena-based poetry review Steve, and such excerpts constitute the pages that follow.

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Codex Atlanticus

Codex Atlanticus is a social-philosophical novel, or “diario in pubblico,” begun in the Nineties and now comprising twenty notebooks of different sizes. A few excerpts from it have been, and continue to be, published in the architectural and artistic review Anfione e Zeto, and the following pages represent these excerpts.

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Lettera dalla vita

Lettera dalla vita is a psychological novel which began in 1984 and currently runs to 31 notebooks of various sizes.Only one excerpt has been published so far (from  the twenty-fourth notebook). It appeared in the 2006 issue of the journal Nuova prosa, and is reproduced below.

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