Robert Legvold

Marshall D. Shulman Professor Emeritus

Department of Political Science

   and the Harriman Institute

Columbia University                      




Course Information and Syllabuses

Hypertext will bring you to the syllabus for the following courses (last taught spring 2007):


The Foreign Policies of the Post-Soviet States (W4882x)


Senior Seminar: The Comparative Study of Foreign Policy (3961x)


Contemporary Civilization (1102y)


New Perspectives on the Cold War (G8810y)   



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Contact Information

E-mail Address:

Mailing Address:

          11 Fenwick Road

          Winchester, MA 01890-3814 


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Current Projects

 Book: Return to Cold War (2016)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Project: “The Challenges of a New Multipolar Nuclear World” (Director)

“The Changing Nuclear World within a Changing World”


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Biographical Information

Curriculum Vitae

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Research Resources

The following page includes links to useful research resources: Click here.

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Last updated January 2016