This is the page for posting information about the homeworks and projects for the EE6312 course offered by Prof. Peter Kinget . I am Tugce, the teaching assistant for this course and you can mail me at


Homeworks are posted on courseworks: here


Cadence tutorial is posted here

  • I will hold TA office hours from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM on thursdays. The venue is the VLSI lab (12th floor of Mudd). Please do not come towards the end of the session.

  • Information about the tools are available here on Prof. Kinget’s website.

  • All homeworks are due before the class in the week following the day it was issued.

  • All the homeworks must be submitted electronically as a single pdf file through the courseworks. Do not send it to my e-mail ID. If you don’t want to type, write it and scan it.

  • All graphs must be properly annotated with legends, axis labels etc., and proper units must be used for all numbers reported.

  • Clearly explain the methods/ procedures in your report. Most of the credit is for such explanations. Please provide the circuit simulation setups that you used for each of the simulations. You can make any reasonable assumptions. However, state them clearly.