Sarang Gupta

Graduate Student
Columbia University
Master of Science (MS) Candidate in Data Science
Data Science Institute at Columbia University

Hello! I'm Sarang Gupta, a graduate student at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University. I completed my undergraduate education from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a dual degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering (BEng) and General Business Management (BBA). For the past two years I was working at Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong as an Analyst in the operations division. Prior to my stint at Goldman Sachs, I interned in the technology division of UBS, Hong Kong.

My interest primarily lies in the intersection of Data Science, Machine Learning and Finance. I made this website to consolitdate the work that I have done over the past years. Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to know more about my endeavors, or if you would like to collaborate on any projects.

Here are a few newsletters and brochures I have been featured in: