IEOR E4111
Fall 2010-Spring 2011: Operations Consulting


Instructor Information:
Soulaymane Kachani
Office Address: Mudd Building Room 334
Telephone Number: 854-1804

Course Description:
This course aims to develop and harness the modeling, analytical and managerial skills of engineering students and apply them to improve the operations of both service and manufacturing firms.
The course is structured as a hands-on laboratory in which students “learn by doing” on real-world consulting projects. The student teams will focus on identifying, modeling and testing (and sometimes implementing) operational improvements and innovations with high potential to enhance the profitability and/or achieve sustainable competitive advantage for their sponsor companies.
The course is targeted toward students planning careers in technical consulting (including operations consulting) and management consulting, or pursuing positions as business analysts in operations, logistics, supply chain and revenue management functions, positions in general management and future entrepreneurs.
This course is only open to Master’s students. This course is required for students in the Master of Science program in Engineering Management Systems.

Probability and Statistics at the level of SIEO W3600 or SIEO W4150, and Deterministic Models at the level of IEOR E3608 or IEOR E4004.