IEOR E4403
Fall 2010: Advanced Engineering and Corporate Economics


Instructor Information:
Soulaymane Kachani
Office Address: Mudd Building Room 334
Telephone Number: 854-1804

Course Texts:
Required text:

  • Custom book (two volumes) from Wiley & Sons: S. Kachani, Corporate/Industrial Economics for Columbia University. 3rd Edition. ISBN:978-0470929193. This book can only be purchased at the Columbia University bookstore ( or ordered through the Columbia bookstore website (choose Fall 2010, IEOR department and E4403 course).

  • Optional Text:
  • R. Brealey and S. Myers, Principles of Corporate Finance, Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

  • Course Description:
    This course covers important issues in engineering and corporate economics.
    We introduce key measures and analytical tools to assess the financial performance of a firm and perform the economic evaluation of industrial projects. We study deterministic mathematical programming models for capital budgeting. We also cover important concepts in utility theory, game theory and real options analysis.
    This course is an advanced version of IEOR E4003 Industrial Economics (students can only take one of these two courses but not both). This course is a good preparation for managerial positions in the corporate world. Students who take this course should be a little bit familiar with accounting and financial analysis, and should have good analytical skills.

    Method of Evaluation:
    Participation (10%), Assignments (25%), Midterm (30%) and Final (35%).
    The exams are closed text and closed notes. You can bring one (1) one-sided 8.5" by 11" sheet with formulas and a calculator to the exams. All examinations and written homework are subject to the usual standards of academic honesty as described in the University's Student Handbook.