Thomas A. DiPrete

Sociology Department
Columbia University
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606 W 122nd St.
New York, NY 10027
Office: (212) 851-9281
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Selected Recent Publications

"What Have We Learned? RC28's Contributions to Knowledge about Social Stratification." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 24:1-20 (2006)

"What has Sociology to Contribute to the Study of Inequality Trends? An Historical and Comparative Perspective." American Behavioral Scientist 50:603-618. (2007)

"Cumulative Advantage as a Mechanism for Inequality: A Review of Theoretical and Empirical Developments." Annual Review of Sociology 32:271-297. (2006)

Is This a Great Country? Upward Mobility and the Chance for Riches in Contemporary America Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 25:89-95 (2007)

"Gender-Specific Trends in the Value of Education and the Emerging Gender Gap in College Completion." Demography 43:1-24 (2006)

The Growing Female Advantage in College Completion: The Role of Family Background and Academic Achievement American Sociological Review 71:515-541. (2006)

Gender Inequalities in Education. Annual Review of Sociology 34:319-337. (2008)

Non-Working Time, Income Inequality, and Quality of Life Comparisons: The Case of the U.S. vs. the Netherlands Social Forces 87:679-712 (2008)

Teacher Effects on Academic and Social Outcomes During Elementary School. Sociology of Education 83:135-159 (2010)

Compensation Benchmarking, Leapfrogs, and the Surge in Executive Pay. American Journal of Sociology 115:1671-1712 (2010)

Segregation in Social Networks Based on Acquaintanceship and Trust. American Journal of Sociology 115:1234-1283 (2011)

The Black Gender Gap in Educational Attainment: Historical Trends and Racial Comparisons. Demography 48:889-914 (2011).

Social/Behavioral Skills and the Gender Gap in Early Educational Achievement. Social Science Research (2011)

School Context and the Gender Gap in Educational Achievement. American Sociological Review (2011)

Working Papers

Orientation vs. Behavior: Gender Differences in Field of Study Choice Set. (2013)