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Other Information Sources

This section lists other information sources which may be useful.

Using the World Wide Web

You can find the most recent information about DB2 Connect, DB2 Universal Database, and other IBM software products on the World Wide Web. This includes the latest publications, as well as technical hints and tips in the form of Technotes:

  1. Set your Web browser to the following URL:

  2. Select "DB2 Universal Database".

  3. For example, search for "Technotes" using the keywords "DDCS", "DRDA", or "Connect".

Related DRDA Publications

The following books contain related information and may be referenced in this manual.

Form number Book title
SC26-4783 Distributed Relational Database Architecture Connectivity Guide
SC26-4773 Distributed Relational Database Architecture Application Programming Guide
SC26-4782 Distributed Relational Database Architecture Problem Determination Guide
SC26-4650 Planning for Distributed Relational Database Architecture
GC26-3195 Distributed Relational Database Architecture Every Manager's Guide
G321-5482 IBM Distributed Data Management Architecture Level 3: Reference

Related DRDA Server Publications

Related DRDA server publications include the following books from the DB2 for AS/400, DB2 for MVS/ESA, and DB2 for VSE & VM libraries.
Form number Book title
SC41-5702 AS/400 Distributed Database Programming
SC41-9609 AS/400 SAA Structured Query Language/400 Programmer's Guide
SC41-9608 AS/400 SAA Structured Query Language/400 Reference
GC21-8180 AS/400 Communications Configuration Reference
SC26-8958 DB2 for OS/390 Application Programming and SQL Reference
SC26-8960 DB2 for OS/390 Command Reference
GC26-8970 DB2 for OS/390 Installation Reference
SC26-8964 DB2 for OS/390 Reference for Remote DRDA Requesters and Servers
SC26-8966 DB2 for OS/390 SQL Reference
SC26-8957 DB2 for OS/390 Administration Guide
SC26-8967 DB2 for OS/390 Utility Guide and Reference
SH09-8087 DB2 for VSE & VM SQL Reference
SC26-3255 IBM SQL Reference

Other Related Publications

Form number Book title
SG24-2006 Migrating to DB2 Universal Database Version 5
SG24-2213 DB2 for OS/390 Version 5 Performance Topics
SG24-4893 DB2 Meets NT
SG24-4894 The Universal Connectivity Guide to DB2
SG24-4693 Getting Started with DB2 Stored Procedures
SG24-2212 DRDA Support for TCP/IP in DB2 for OS/390 V5.1 and DB2 Universal Database V5.0
SC33-0814 CICS for AIX Application Programming Guide
SC33-0931 CICS for AIX Customization and Operation Guide
S10J-7888 DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition Quick Beginnings
S10J-8162 DB2 Connect Personal Edition Quick Beginnings
GG24-4155 Distributed Relational Database Architecture: Using DDCS for AIX DRDA support with DB2 for MVS/ESA and DB2 for AS/400
GG24-4311 Distributed Relational Database Architecture Cross Platform Connectivity and Application
SC23-2443 Encina for AIX Product Family Overview
SC31-8094 SNA Server for AIX and SNA Server Gateway for AIX Performance Guide

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