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Additional Space Requirements

Additional space is also required as follows:

Log File Space

The amount of space (in bytes) required for log files can range from:

   ( logprimary * (logfilsiz + 2 ) * 4096 ) + 8192


   ( (logprimary + logsecond) * (logfilsiz + 2 ) * 4096 ) + 8192


The upper limit of log space is dependent on the actual number of secondary log files that the database manager requires at run time. This upper limit may never be used or may only be used during occasional periods of high-volume activity.
Note:If the database is enabled for roll-forward recovery, special log space requirements should be considered:

Temporary Work Space

Some SQL statements require temporary tables for processing (such as a work file for sorts that cannot be done in memory). These require disk space for storage during the time they are used. The amount required will be totally dependent on the queries and the size of tables returned, and therefore cannot be estimated.

You can use the database system monitor and query table space APIs to help you observe the amount of work space being used during the normal course of operations.

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