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Using a Backup Domain Controller with DB2

If the server you use for DB2 also acts as a backup domain controller, you can improve DB2 performance and reduce network traffic if you configure DB2 to use the backup domain controller.

You specify the backup domain controller to DB2 by setting the db2dmnbckctlr registry value.

If you know the name of the domain for which DB2 server is the backup domain controller, use:


where DOMAIN_NAME must be in upper case.

To have DB2 determine the domain for which the local machine is a backup domain controller, use:

Note:DB2 does not use an existing backup domain controller by default because a backup domain controller can get out-of-sync with the primary domain controller, causing a security exposure. Domain controllers get out-of-sync when the primary domain controller's security database is updated but the changes are not propagated to a backup domain controller. This can happen if there are network latencies or if the computer browser service is not operational.

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