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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Developing Applications Using the DB2 Software Developer's Kit

The DB2 Software Developer's Kit is a collection of tools that are designed to meet the needs of database application developers. It includes libraries, header files, documented APIs, and sample programs to build character-based, multimedia, or object-oriented applications.

You can install the DB2 Software Developer's Kit on a DB2 server or on a remote workstation. If you install it on the server, it can access both remote and local databases.

There is a platform-specific version of the DB2 Software Developer's Kit available for each of the supported operating systems. The DB2 Application Developer's Kit (DB2 AD Kit) provides the DB2 Software Developer's Kits for all supported platforms, the DB2 Extender development toolset, and VisualAge for Basic. Applications that are developed with the DB2 Software Developer's Kit will run on any platform where the equivalent DB2 Client Application Enabler component is installed. Through the DB2 Client Application Enabler, these applications can access all DB2 servers and, by using DB2 Connect, they can also access DRDA Application Servers.

The DB2 Software Developer's Kit allows you to develop applications that use the following interfaces:

The DB2 Software Developer's Kit supports several programming languages (which include COBOL, C, and C++) for application development, and provides precompilers for the supported languages. Refer to the Building Applications for UNIX Environments or the Building Applications for Windows and OS/2 Environments manuals for complete information on using the DB2 Software Developer's Kit, and for a list of the supported compilers.

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