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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Accessing Host Data from the Desktop Using DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition

DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition gives clients on your LAN access to data that is stored on host systems. It provides applications with transparent access to host data through a standard architecture for managing distributed data. This standard is known as Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA). DRDA allows your applications to establish a fast connection to databases on MVS, OS/390, OS/400, VM, and VSE host systems.

A great deal of the data in many large organizations is managed by DB2 for AS/400, DB2 for MVS/ESA, DB2 for OS/390, or DB2 for VSE & VM. Applications that run on any of the supported platforms can work with this data transparently, as if a local database server managed it.

The following tools and products can access host data easily using DB2 Connect:

DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition enables multiple clients to connect to host data and can significantly reduce the effort that is required to establish and maintain access to enterprise data. See Figure 4 for an example of clients connecting to host databases through DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition.

Figure 4. DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition

Diagram showing clients connection to host databases through DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition.

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