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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Setting Environment Variables

The db2profile script file lists all the environment variables that are used to control the environment for the instance. In the file, each environment variable is preceded by a brief description of its purpose, and a range of possible values where appropriate. For example, the script sets the DB2INSTANCE and PATH environment variables as follows:

Same as $USER for the instance owner

INSTHOME/sqllib/adm, INSTHOME/sqllib/bin, and INSTHOME/sqllib/misc

INSTHOME is the home directory of the db2instc, who is defined to be the instance owner.

For additional information, read the description of each environment variable listed in the file.

The instance owner or a SYSADM user can customize the script for the instance. All users in the instance (that is, all users who can access the INSTHOME/sqllib directory for the instance) must call the same script that is executed when the db2start command is issued. The script can be invoked directly or added to a user's .profile file.

You can code the db2profile, or the db2cshrc script files following the Korn, Bourne, or C shell syntax.

You can use the db2options registry value to set options for the command line processor. For more information, refer to the Command Reference.

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