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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Chapter 21. Controlling Your DB2 Environment

Registry values, environment variables, and configuration parameters control your database environment.


Prior to the introduction of the DB2 profile registry in Version 5, changing your DB2 environment on OS/2, Windows 95 or Windows NT workstations required you to change your system's environment variables. On UNIX platforms, changing your DB2 environment required you to change the sqllib/db2profile file in the home directory of the instance.

With Version 5, almost all of the environment variables have been moved to the DB2 profile registry. Users with system administrative (SYSADM) authority for a given instance can update registry values for that instance. Use the db2set command to update DB2 registry values without rebooting your system. The DB2 registry applies the updated information to DB2 server instances and DB2 applications started after the changes are made.

The DB2PATH and DB2INSTANCE environment variables must be specified in the db2profile script file. Other environment variables can be set in the registry. Some environment variables cannot be set in the registry; for example DB2NODE. This environment variable should be set in the shell environment. For more information on environment variables and where they should be set, see "Setting Environment Variables".
Note:The concept of the DB2 profile registry is not supported on Windows 3.x. See "Setting Your Environment on Windows 3.x" for more information.

DB2 configures its operating parameters by checking for variable values according to the following search order:

See "DB2 Registry Values and Environment Variables" for descriptions of the subset of registry values and environment variables that you may want to adjust to get DB2 up and running. For more detailed information about all registry values and environment variables, refer to the Administration Guide.

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