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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Setting Your Environment on UNIX Systems

It is strongly recommended that all DB2 specific registry values be defined in the DB2 profile registry. If DB2 variables are set outside of the registry, remote administration of those variables will not be possible.

On UNIX, you must set the system environment variable DB2INSTANCE.
Note:Except for PATH and DB2INSTANCE, all other DB2-supported variables must be set in the DB2 profile registry. To set variables that are not supported by DB2, define them in your db2profile file.

An instance owner or SYSADM user may customize these scripts for all users of an instance. Alternatively, you can copy and customize a script, then invoke a script directly or add it to your .profile or .login file.

To work with another instance for the current session, execute the db2profile (for Bourne shell or Korn shell) script or the db2cshrc (for C shell) script in the sqllib directory of the instance's home directory.

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Issue the which db2 command to ensure that your search path has been set up correctly. This command returns the absolute path of the DB2 CLP executable. Verify that it is located under the instance's sqllib directory.

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