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Setting Your Environment on Windows 3.x

The DB2 environment on Windows 3.x is not controlled by profile registries. Instead, Windows 3.x clients define environment keywords in the file db2.ini (typically found in C:\windows directory).

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On Windows 3.x, the parameters that control the DB2 environment are called environment keywords. However, because many Windows 3.x keywords are also used on operating systems that use the DB2 profile registries, environment keywords may also be referred to as registry values in this manual.

The db2.ini initialization file is an ASCII file that stores values for the Windows 3.x client environment keywords. Within the file, there is just one section header titled:

[DB2 Client Application Enabler]

The parameters are set by specifying a keyword with its associated keyword value in the form:



  1. All the keywords and their associated values must be located below the section header.

  2. The keywords are not case sensitive; however, their values can be if the values are character based.

  3. Comment lines use a semicolon in the first position of a new line.

  4. Blank lines are permitted. If duplicate entries for a keyword exist, the first entry is used (and no warning is given).

The following is a sample db2.ini file:

   [DB2 Client Application Enabler]

This file is located in the Windows product directory.

On Windows 3.x, the Client Application Enabler for DB2 Version 2.x and Version 5 must set this information only in the db2.ini file.

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