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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Configuring APPC on the Server

To access a remote server through APPC, you must first have installed and configured communication software for both the client and DB2 server workstations. See "Software Requirements" for the communication protocol requirements for your platform. See "Possible Client-to-DB2 Server Connectivity Scenarios" for the supported communication protocols for your particular client and server.

Before completing the steps in this section, be sure that you have completed the instructions in "Setting the DB2COMM Registry Value".

The following steps are required to set up APPC communications:

  1. Identify and record parameter values.

  2. Configure the server:

    1. Update the database manager configuration file.

    2. Configure the APPC communications subsystem.

Step 1. Identify and Record Parameter Values

Before you proceed through the configuration steps, enter your value for the Transaction program name in the following table.

Table 20. APPC Values Required at the Server
Parameter Description Sample Value Your Value
Transaction program name (tpname) The Transaction program that the server listens on for client requests. nyserver

Step 2. Configure the Server

The following steps describe how to configure this protocol on the server. Replace the sample value with your value as recorded on your worksheet.

A. Update the Database Manager Configuration File

You must update the database manager configuration file with the transaction program name (tpname).

To update the database manager configuration file, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to the system as a user with System Administrative (SYSADM) authority.


    If you have trouble logging on to the system, see "Logging on to the System".

  2. Set up the instance environment and invoke the DB2 command line processor as follows:

    1. Run the start up script as follows:
         . INSTHOME/sqllib/db2profile    (for Bourne or Korn shell)
         source INSTHOME/sqllib/db2cshrc (for C shell)
      where INSTHOME is the home directory of the instance.

    2. Start the DB2 command line processor by issuing the db2 command.

  3. Update the database manager configuration file with the server's transaction program name (tpname) using the following commands in the command line processor:
       update dbm cfg using tpname tpname

    For example, if the server's transaction program name (tpname) is nyserver, use:

       update dbm cfg using tpname nyserver

    If you are configuring the Administration Server to use APPC, you must update the admin server configuration file. Use the following command:

       update admin configuration using tpname nyserver
       db2admin stop
       db2admin start

B. Configure the APPC Communications Subsystem

To configure your DB2 server to accept remote clients using APPC, you need to update the APPC communications subsystem to support the Transaction program name (tpname) that the server will use.


Refer to the DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition Quick Beginnings manual for detailed instructions on how to configure your APPC communications subsystem to support communications from the Transaction program that you specified for the server.

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