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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Chapter 9. Installing DB2 Clients on OS/2 Workstations

This section contains the information you need to install the DB2 Client Application Enabler on OS/2 workstations.

To install the DB2 Client Application Enabler for OS/2:

  1. Insert the DB2 Client Application Enablers CD-ROM that contains the OS/2 client into the drive.

  2. Begin the installation program as follows:

    1. Open an OS/2 window and set the drive to x:, where x is the letter that represents your CD-ROM drive.

    2. Set the current directory to \db2\os2\language\install, where language is the two-character country code that represents your language (for example, EN for English). Table 28 lists the code for each available language.

    3. Issue the install command.

    The IBM DB2 for OS/2 Version 5 Installation window opens.
    The IBM DB2 for OS/2 Version 5 Installation
    To select the product that you want to install on your system, click on the Continue push button. The Update CONFIG.SYS File window opens.

  3. Indicate whether or not you want to update the config.sys file as part of the installation.

  4. The Install - Directories window provides a list of the product's components. You can choose which of the components you want to install on your system.

    For the Install - Directories window, complete the entries as follows:

    1. Select each of the components you want to install.

      You have the option of installing the Client Configuration Assistant component. The Client Configuration Assistant makes it easy for you to configure and administer connections to databases and to bind applications and utilities to a database. If the Client Configuration Assistant is not installed, you will need to manually configure connections to DB2 servers. Refer to "Managing Connections to Databases Using the Client Configuration Assistant" for a complete description of the Client Configuration Assistant's features.

    2. In the File directory field, type the directory where you want the product installed. The default value is c:\sqllib.
      Note:If a DB2 Version 5 product is already installed on the workstation, you must install on the same drive and directory.

    3. Click on the Disk Space push button to see how much space you have on each of the drives on your machine and to change disks if necessary.

    4. Click on the Install push button to continue.

    A progress window appears until the installation is complete. You can click on the Stop push button at any time to end the installation.

  5. At the end of the installation, shut down and reboot your workstation before you can use the client.
Note:If you want to run Windows 3.1 applications on your OS/2 client, you must also install the DB2 Client Application Enabler for Windows 3.1 component on your system. You should install this client component in the same directory as DB2 Client Application Enabler for OS/2. Having both DB2 Client Application Enablers in the same directory merges the DB2 directories and allows the CCA to be used to configure the access to remote DB2 databases for both OS/2 and Windows 3.x applications.


To configure your client to access remote servers, go to Chapter 14. "Configuring Client-to-Server Communications Using the CCA".

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