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Pool Name Pool Number # of Lines Line Speed Idle Timeout Absolute Timeout
Main Pool 1-212-854-3100 506 56kbps, V.90 10 min. unlimited
Express Pool 1-212-854-2477 23 56kbps, V.90 5 min. 25 min.


Idle Timeout is the amount of time a connection can stay idle without any user input before the modem connection is dropped.

Absolute Timeout is the maximum amount of time of any session regardless of whether the connection is idle or not. Connections to this modem pool will be dropped, without warning, once the Absolute Timeout limit is reached. The Absolute Timeout is subject to adjustment based on usage profiles.

When Is the Modem Pool Busy?

Use these graphs to help you plan around the peak modem usage periods. These charts are automatically generated with daily updates.

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